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MdDS Reset NV privacy policy

Your privacy matters. That’s why we want to be transparent on how we work with your personal data.

Whenever we say we, we mean MdDS Reset NV. We’re a company based in Herentals, Belgium. Yes, we’re located in the EU. So we strictly follow the GDPR.  


There are 4 reasons why we need your personal data:

  • to treat you
  • to comply to legislation on medical devices and prove to the relevant authorities that MdDS Reset VORtex is a safe product
  • for further research on the treatment of vestibular disorders such as MdDS
  • to improve the user experience of MdDS Reset VORtex

The first one is obvious. If we can’t use your personal data, we can’t treat you as well as we want. MdDS Reset VORtex doesn’t only show images on a screen. We have many other features that make using MdDS Reset VORtex much easier. We can show how many treatments are left in the cycle, what direction the stripes need to drift on the screen and how you respond to a treatment. But to be able to do that we need your personal data: how often you’ve been treated, what your Romberg tests are as well as the results of your VAS. These, as well as other, data are saved in an MdDS Reset account created specifically for you. 

Secondly, MdDS Reset VORtex is a medical device software. Medical devices need to comply to some very strict laws such as the Medical Device Regulation which were created to make sure medical devices are safe. Reporting data to the relevant authorities is an important obligation under those laws.

Also, we need more research if we want to have a better understanding of vestibular disorders and how to better diagnose and treat them. Your personal data can help us doing that. By analyzing the data from all patients we can determine whether there are better treatment cycles, if there’s a link with other disorders, etc.

Finally, if we understand how people use MdDS Reset VORtex, we can improve it. There’s no better feedback than seeing how a product is being used.

In short we use your personal data to execute our contract with you, as a result of legal obligations we have and for our legitimate interest to further research on vestibular disorders and improve our product.


MdDS Reset VORtex uses 2 main types of personal data: identifying data and medical data.

The identifying data we use are your first name, last name, age, sex, a patient id and email address.  Your email is used to log in to your account, keep you informed on your treatment and to share important news on vestibular disorders.

MdDS Reset VORtex records a number of medical data:

  • your diagnosis with a vestibular disorder
  • the number of treatments with MdDS Reset VORtex
  • efficiency of your treatment with MdDS Reset VORtex through i.a. the VAS test
  • results from balance tests such as Romberg and Unterberger
  • other treatments you received as well relevant comorbidities

We also analyse how you use MdDS Reset VORtex, e.g. how long you spend on a certain test, how you go from one step to the next, etc.

Identifying data are provided by your caregiver.

All other data are captured by MdDS Reset VORtex.


We share data with other parties, in particular your caregiver, the (medical device) authorities, researchers and our technology providers.

Your caregiver has an important role to play. When (s)he treats you, (s)he can have access to your account and personal data. When you use MdDS Reset VORtex in the self-care mode, your caregiver may receive notifications on your treatment results.  

When we share data with the authorities, we usually don’t provide your name. In that case the authorities may for example see data on the number of treatments and the efficiency of each treatment, but they won’t know who that data relates to. In certain cases however, the authorities may want more details and may ask us to give identifying data. They only do that to assess whether a medical device is safe, not for any other reason.

Right now we’re working with the University of Antwerp and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. They have been studying vestibular disorders for many years. The more data they can study, the better their research will be. So we may share your medical data with them. But we will never disclose your name to them, researchers have no need to know who you are.

We use a number of technologies to make MdDS Reset VORtex work, for example to host the app and to keep track of issues that have been reported by our users. Some of your personal data may be stored on our suppliers’ systems. But we have contracts in place requiring them to not use your data, keep them secure and keep them confidential.

Although we do share your personal data, we don’t share them with people outside the European Union. Unless if your caregiver is located outside the EU of course.

How long

We don’t keep your personal data forever.

But we still need to keep your personal data even after you last used MdDS Reset VORtex. How long? That depends. By default, contract laws require us to keep it 10 years after your last treatment. But if we use your personal data to demonstrate safety with the authorities we may have to keep them for 10 years after MdDS Reset VORtex was last used.

Full transparency

Our privacy officer can provide you a copy of your personal data we use. You can contact him at privacy@mddsreset.com. If you notice that some of your personal data are incorrect, let us know and we’ll modify them. We’ll even delete or (temporarily) stop using your personal data in certain cases. But we’ll need you to explain to us why, as there may be reasons why we still need them. If that’s the case, we’ll always explain you why and try to find a solution that works for you.

If you still have questions after reading this page, don’t hesitate to contact our privacy officer.

You can also contact our privacy officer if you have any complaints on how we’ve used your personal data. He’ll try to resolve your concern if he can. Know that our privacy officer isn’t your only point of contact for complaints. You can always talk to the supervisory authority for data protection in your country. You can find a list of all EU supervisory authorities here.