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MdDS Reset Newsletter November 2021


We are happy to share some news with you regarding our work at MdDS Reset. We are close to releasing our product, and we could use your input and feedback.

Product status

Our product is called MdDS Reset VORtex. It requires an Android smartphone that you can mount in VR Glasses. This solution is the one being used in the clinical trial currently under way at the University of Antwerp. We have designed the software so that it can be used by caregivers with patients, but also for patients to use by themselves at home.

Next to that, we are also researching a version running on true VR goggles like the Oculus Quest 2 or the HTC Vive platform. We think that such devices may deliver an even more immersive experience. We hope that we can tell you more about this shortly.

One of top priorities in the development of our product is to maximise user friendliness. Of course it will always require a technical platform to run on, so some exposure to technology is unavoidable, but we try to make it as smooth as possible. In order to get a better understanding, we would like to get your feedback on some of these issues in the questionnaire below.

Clinical trial still open for registration

The clinical trial at the University of Antwerp is currently under way, but it is still open for more patients. If you are interested, please let us know via the contact form at the bottom of this page, and write your request in the "Extra information" field.

Getting the proper diagnosis - your feedback please

One of the things we see a lot in the comments given by MdDS patients when registering on our site is how hard it is for them to get the proper diagnosis. This is in line with previous studies, which indicate that the average MdDS patient passes 19 medical consultations before getting a final diagnosis. This is the case not only for MdDS but also for other vestibular (balance) disorders like PPPD, BPPV, VID, vestibular migraine and so on.

In order to provide some kind of solution for this problem, we are working on a couple of initiatives. One of them is a remote diagnosis platform: a website would allow you to book an appointment with a vestibular specialist. Through a video call you can then talk with that specialist who may deliver either a formal diagnosis, or suggestions for a follow-up medical examination (e.g. a physical examination or a scan). We feel that this might offer a solution for those suffering from balance disorders without easy access to the right medical specialists.

In order to work out a service that is adapted to the actual needs of patients, we would like to ask you also for your feedback on this.

Please help us and fill in the survey!

We really need your input and feedback, and we would appreciate it very much if you could spare a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Click on the "Start survey" button below. Thank you very much!

Kind regards, Team MdDS Reset