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MdDS Reset Newsletter May 2022

Initial findings by the University of Antwerp

We are just back from the Bárány Society Meeting in Madrid last week, where we were able to present MdDS Reset VORtex to vestibular specialists from all over the world, with very positive reactions.

The team from the University of Antwerp also presented their initial findings on optokinetic (stripes) treatment for MdDS patients:

  • 84 patients in the group;
  • 73% success rate;
  • No difference between patients with motion-triggered MdDS or spontaneous onset MdDS;
  • The optokinetic cabin and the VR goggles (MdDS Reset VORtex) are close to identical in their effectiveness in delivering the optokinetic treatment.

This is very exciting news, because it formally confirms that optokinetic treatment has the highest proven success rate of all treatments already tried for MdDS. Useful links:

The University still has a clinical trial running with more in-depth research regarding optokinetic treatment, so more findings to follow later. In case you are interested, there is still room available in the clinical trial (but be aware you are required to come to Antwerp in order to participate).

MdDS Reset VORtex free for all patients

The MdDS research field is still very young. Many general practitioners, neurologists and ENT specialists are not yet fully aware of this syndrome and its optokinetic treatment. For MdDS Reset this means a long term investment into channels to reach our patients. For our patients this means that it is difficult to assess the viability and safety of our MdDS Reset VORtex treatment.

MdDS Reset continues to work with top researchers in this field. We are investigating lower threshold ways for patients to get in touch with medical staff to discuss their condition, obtain a proper diagnosis and get continued follow up. We hope to announce some concrete plans in this regard in the next few weeks and months.

We have received feedback from patients, given the hardware and software investments, that they would like to try our solution first before they commit. At MdDS Reset we strongly believe in the potential of our solution. That’s why we have decided to make our software free of charge for now. Any patient who registers gets full, unlimited access to the MdDS Reset VORtex treatment. In return we kindly ask you to make a donation if you want to, to help us keep operations afloat. Thank you very much!