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MdDS Reset Newsletter April 2022


High time we gave you an update on where we are and what is happening.

MdDS Reset VORtex is available

Earlier this year we brought the first version of our treatment, MdDS Reset VORtex, into production. This means that you can now order our MdDS treatment from our website - this page explains all the different steps.

Development for Oculus Quest 2 and other VR platforms

As you may know, the first version of MdDS Reset VORtex runs on an Android phone inside plastic VR glasses. And as the trial shows, this implementation gets very positive results. But we continue to strive for improvements, so we are developing MdDS Reset VORtex for VR platforms like the Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 and others. Why?

  • Because we feel it might give an even more immersive experience;
  • Because we hope it might make the technical side of things even simpler.

We do not have a release date yet, so we cannot make you any promises. But if you would like to start using the current technical setup with the smartphone, we are happy to tell you that your treatment subscription is independent of which platform you use. So start now on smartphone and continue later on Oculus without any trouble.

Results of the November 2021 user survey

In our previous newsletter we included a user survey on specific MdDS related topics. We are happy to report that many of you filled it in which gave us really valuable feedback.

Upcoming launch of our remote diagnosis platform

In our previous newsletter in November we floated the idea of setting up a remote diagnosis platform, which would allow you to get a formal MdDS diagnosis. Because your response was overwhelmingly favourable, we are currently in the final stages of setting this up. We will inform you the moment this becomes available.