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Combat the motion.

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Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS) is a disease which leaves patients feeling that they are in constant motion when sitting perfectly still.

Although the actual causes for MdDS are not yet fully understood and remain a focus of further research, it has been shown that exposure to optokinetic stimuli (OKN) helps to alleviate or even stop the worst symptoms by resetting the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR).

Woman floating in the sea
MdDS Reset VORtex treats Mal de Débarquement Syndrome

Stop the bobbing, rocking and swaying.

MdDS Reset VORtex treats Mal de Débarquement Syndrome

MdDS Reset VORtex is a patent-pending technology solution that makes OKN treatment for MdDS widely available. It helps to rehabilitate the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR).

Next to providing relief, it also gathers treatment data for further analysis and research.

An initial version is now released and is also being tested in a clinical trial. We are continuously working on further improvements and are also investigating treatments for other vestibular disorders.

All under control.

Screenshot of the MdDS Reset Controller web application

A web application running on another smartphone or Mac/PC controls the MdDS Reset VORtex treatment session, according to the prescription given by the treating physician.

All treatment data is logged, as well as patient feedback. This data is available for further analysis and research.

An iPhone showing the subjective feedback (on a VAS scale) screenAn iPhone showing the MdDS Reset VORtex Romberg balance test

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MdDS Reset VORtex treats Mal de Débarquement Syndrome

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MdDS Reset VORtex treats Mal de Débarquement Syndrome

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